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Matthew Daniell's Dharma Talks at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
Matthew Daniell
Matthew Daniell has been practicing Buddhist meditation and yoga for over 20 years. He studied Zen in Japan and Insight Meditation in India, Burma, and Thailand. His teachers include Munindra, Dipa Ma, Larry Rosenberg, Sharon Salzberg, and Joseph Goldstein. He studied yoga in the tradition of T.K.V. Desikachar of Madras India, and is certified to teach in several traditions. Matthew resides in West Newbury and teaches at various universities and retreat centers. He also co-leads retreats with Larry Rosenberg at the Insight Meditation Society, Omega, Kripalu, and CIMC. He is a founder and the guiding teacher at the Insight Meditation Center of Newburyport, MA.
2017-05-17 The Best Season of Your Life 43:09
2015-06-17 Discussion of Practice 66:47
2015-03-11 'Free and Easy' A Dharma Poem, and Practice Discussion 1:15:58
2014-08-13 Dharma Talk 65:17
2013-02-20 Caring for Self, Caring for Other 60:06
Using the Sedhaka sutta as a guide mindfulness and loving kindness are explored as tools for making our practice inwardly nourishing, and deeply relational and sensitive to fullness of our life.
2012-02-08 The Hand that Sees 48:45
2006-03-15 The Buddha's Last Words 1:20:04
2005-01-26 Reflections on the Buddha's Fire Sermon 1:14:58
2004-01-28 The Two Arrows 1:29:48
2003-03-05 Breath Awareness 1:25:17

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