The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Chas DiCapua's Dharma Talks at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
Chas DiCapua
Chas DiCapua is currently the Insight Meditation Society's Resident Teacher, and has offered meditation since 1998. He is interested in how each person can fully and uniquely manifest the dharma. He teaches regularly at sitting groups and centers close to IMS.
2017-06-14 Understanding and Working with Anger 68:31
2016-01-13 Seven Factors of Awakening 69:24
2015-05-27 Dharma Talk 61:51
2015-02-25 Judgement and Discernment 43:04
2014-05-14 Healing Body, Refuge Body, Freedom Body 46:14
2012-08-08 Metta 40:13
2006-08-17 The Three Pillars Of The Dharma 43:10
Dana (generosity), Sila (morality) and Bhavana (mind training) as vehicles for awakening.

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