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Narayan Helen Liebenson's Dharma Talks at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
Narayan Helen Liebenson
I try to help practitioners approach their meditation practice and their lives with compassion and wisdom. Bringing a loving attentiveness into each moment allows us to learn kindness rather than condemnation, and discernment rather than judgment.
2013-04-23 Meditation, Reflection & Healing 42:47
with Larry Rosenberg
Narayan and Larry reflect on the recent events of the marathon bombing in the Boston-Cambridge-Watertown area.
2007-10-17 Easing the Torments of the Heart 1:17:49
2007-04-18 Living One’s Understanding 1:17:39
2006-05-24 Don't Know Mind 1:26:46
2006-03-21 What Is Faith? 51:13
Faith is not magical but grows in the light of understanding and experience. Faith enables us to embrace the obstacles and imperfections our life brings.
2005-03-02 Success and Failure 1:36:21
2005-02-09 Praise and Blame 1:23:32

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