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Dharma Talks given at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
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2022-09-14 We Were Made for These Times: Lessons in Moving through Change, Loss and Disruption 47:44
Kaira Jewel Lingo

2022-09-07 Building Resilience through Togetherness 32:36
Jessica Morey

2022-08-10 Reflection on Change 41:07
Matthew Daniell

2022-08-03 Mudita: Sympathetic Joy 40:43
George Mumford

2022-07-13 Aspiration for the Endgame 56:11
Ven. Pannavati Bhikkhuni

2022-07-06 Citta – the mind and its ways of Knowing 54:57
Akincano Marc Weber

2022-06-29 Building Resilience from the Four Brahmaviharas 36:51
Tuere Sala

2022-06-22 What does the ecological crisis mean for Buddhism? 43:07
David Loy

2022-06-15 Exploring non-identification 43:14
Rebecca Bradshaw

2022-06-08 The Power of Rest 55:25
Oren Jay Sofer
Nature flows through a cycle of rhythms, but modern life disconnects us from the natural rhythms of our world. When activity (physical or mental) is not balanced with rest, we burn out. Join Oren for an evening of meditation as we learn about what supports and hinders our ability to rest, and how rest can be the hidden key to unlocking your meditation practice.

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