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Dharma Talks given at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
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2022-11-30 Gifts of Practice 45:33
Stephanie Morgan

2022-11-23 Generosity, the practice of freedom 51:45
Greg Scharf

2022-11-16 Meeting Fear with Mindfulness and Courage 54:48
Bhante Buddharakkhita

2022-11-10 Words and the Wordless in Silent and Relational Meditation 31:47
Gregory Kramer

2022-11-02 The Dharma Path: The Refining Pleasure of Letting Go 57:14
Mark Nunberg

2022-10-26 The Importance of Cultivating Stillness 45:29
Tuere Sala
Stillness is an ever present phenomenon and yet it seems so elusive in urban (also referred to as householder or lay) practice. Within the context of contemporary society, cultivating stillness can seem self-indulgent. Our demanding can sometimes make it harder to recognize it, but stillness is part of the unconditional and thus, a necessary aspect of awakening. This talk will explore how urban practitioners can learn to cultivate stillness in the midst of movement and chaos.

2022-10-05 Wise Intention: A trustworthy guide 51:50
Shelly Graf

2022-09-14 We Were Made for These Times: Lessons in Moving through Change, Loss and Disruption 47:44
Kaira Jewel Lingo

2022-09-07 Building Resilience through Togetherness 32:36
Jessica Morey

2022-08-10 Reflection on Change 41:07
Matthew Daniell

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