The greatest gift is the
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Dharma Talks given at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
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2022-05-18 Grief, Joy, and Awakening 60:54
David Chernikoff

2022-05-11 I am not ok, you are not ok and that is OK 44:49
Nolitha Tsengiwe

2022-04-27 Body and nature: doorways to freedom 50:53
Roxanne Dault

2022-04-20 Sangha as Refuge 35:46
Jill Shepherd
In the context of the Buddha’s teachings, sangha or community is known as one of the three jewels and we’re invited to “take refuge” in sangha as an aspect of the path to freedom. This talk will offer some reflections on what this might mean, and explore what conditions support the establishing and maintaining of healthy practice communities.

2022-04-13 Belonging and Compassion 36:48
Tara Mulay

2022-03-24 Understanding the Whirlpools of This Heart 65:57
Mark Nunberg
The Buddha taught that we are all spinning due to our habits of greed, hatred, and delusion, long enough to have become wise and dispassionate about how we keep getting hooked into these stressful cycles. What is it that we are not seeing clearly enough that keeps this spin spinning? The Buddha’s teachings encourage us to stabilize present-moment awareness so that we can begin to see how impersonal and lawful all this inner and outer activity actually is. Understanding the river of experience in this way leads to a natural letting go and a releasing of attachment.

2022-03-02 Faith: An honorable starting place 53:19
Shelly Graf

2022-02-23 The Relationship Between the Hindrances and the Five Faculties 37:55
Tuere Sala

2022-02-09 One Auspicious Day: The Bhaddekaratta Sutta 50:22
Matthew Daniell

2022-01-26 Building Our Resilience Through Practice and Community 63:18
Jessica Morey

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