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Dharma Talks given at Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
2013-03-13 Distortions of the Mind & the 3 Gateways to Liberation (with Q & A) 1:23:34
Akincano Marc Weber
How does ignorance operate? On the distortions of mind (vipallāsa) as the psychological mechanism of not-knowing / confusion (avijjā). The 4 objective and 3 subjective modes of distortion. Three gates of liberation on the basis of practicing with the characteristics of anicca, dukkha, anatta.

2013-02-20 Caring for Self, Caring for Other 60:06
Matthew Daniell
Using the Sedhaka sutta as a guide mindfulness and loving kindness are explored as tools for making our practice inwardly nourishing, and deeply relational and sensitive to fullness of our life.

2013-02-13 Dharma Talk 54:22
Andrea Fella

2013-01-30 Dharma Talk 51:55
Joseph Kappel

2013-01-23 Dharma Talk 68:35
Doug Phillips

2013-01-16 The Four Most Difficult Things 69:29
Jack Engler

2012-10-03 Wisdom and Compsassion at Work 41:41
Claire Stanley, Jack Millett

2012-08-08 Metta 40:13
Chas DiCapua

2012-07-25 Who Do You Think You Really Are: Explorations of the Self 65:25
John Peacock

2012-06-27 Perception 56:03
Sayadaw Vivekananda

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